• Pollution control with ITS

    This issue features a number of articles on the same theme, pollution, and how ITS and autonomous vehicles can help control and alleviate it.

  • Are we nearly there yet? Yes we are

    ITS (UK) hosted a discussion session at the Traffex exhibition this year, asking how long it will be before connected and autonomous vehicles are likely to arrive on our streets, and examining the barriers to and opportunities for their adoption. ITS (UK) secretary general Jennie Martin reports on the discussion.

  • Intelligent uses of big data for intelligent transport

    Big data offers low cost, rapid, and real-time intelligence for the UK’s ITS sector. INRIX Chief Economist, Professor Graham Cookson, presents four use cases for big data focused around the UK government’s recent road investments plan.

  • Building a Connected Vehicle Testbed

    The Department for Transport (DfT) and Middlesex University (MDX) have built a Connected Vehicle Testbed using ETSI ITS-G5 (also known as VANET) technology. This report looks at the design and implementation of the testbed and how this effort has uncovered key challenges in deploying C-ITS in the UK.

  • Sharing the journey

    Yorkshire transport providers collaborate on new passenger information portal.

  • Variable speed awareness warning system

    on the A75 Stranraer to Gretna Green in Scotland

  • Adaptive behaviour in mode choice

    The understanding and prediction of travellers’ mode choices is crucial for the effective management of multimodal transport networks. This paper presents a novel behaviour concept which captures the adaptive behaviour in mode choice in response to real-time events.

Weekly News



Ian Patey, Chairman, 

Introduction: July 2017

I am sat on a train heading back North from London the ...

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Paul Hutton, Communications Manager - ITS (UK)

“We have a very strange contradiction in the industry at the moment…”

Paul Hutton, Communications Manager for ITS (UK) suggests the ITS sector should ...

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ITS (UK) Interest Groups & Task Forces

Automotive User Chair: Cyriel Diels, Coventry University Hon. Secretary: Vacant The AUIG ...

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Company profiles


A world of intelligent transport solutions

AGD make easy-to-integrate globally compatible ITS product solutions designed to help create ...

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Opening opportunities with connected thinking

Faced with spiralling city populations, busier transport networks and evolving disruptive technology ...

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