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Are we nearly there yet? Yes we are


Discussion session at Traffex organised by ITS United Kingdom. Participants: Jo White, Highways England; Andy Graham, White Willow Consulting; Pri Boyd, Siemens; Darren Capes, City of York Council; Ian Patey, WSP Report by Jennie Martin, ITS (UK) Secretary General The ...

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Swift: new look, new solutions, new customers

nbus multi-day card

Swift, Transport for West Midland’s (TfWM) ITSO smartcard, has had a busy start to 2017, delivering new products and solutions to customers as well as refreshing the brand. To keep up with the growing demand and technical developments, the look ...

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Autonomous cars: more than just carbon emissions


Local Air Quality and Emissions The emissions cheating scandal in 2015 brought vehicle emissions and local air quality to the attention of the general public and the popular national media in a way that had never happened before. This, in ...

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Intelligent uses of big data for intelligent transport


Big data offers low cost, rapid, and real-time intelligence for the UK’s ITS sector. INRIX Chief Economist, Professor Graham Cookson, presents four use cases for big data focused around the UK government’s recent road investments plan. Over the past fifty ...

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The tide of change: the future of roadside technology


Is there an unfortunate coincidence to one of the largest commitments to investment in roadside technology being made just at the point when in-vehicle systems, which provide similar outcomes, are starting to become ‘mainstream’? That last term should probably be ...

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Pollution solutions in Birmingham


Air pollution is a large societal and environmental problem; one that grows as the population rises, cities expand and vehicle use increases. Ensuring we have clean air for the generations that follow is a world-wide challenge and in the UK, ...

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Building a Connected Vehicle Testbed to study the development and deployment of C-ITS in the UK

Figure 6:  Federated Cloud VANET Testbed

The deployment of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) will change the way we live.  In particular, Connected Vehicles will allow us to build an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in which there is strong cooperation between vehicles and the transport infrastructure. ...

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Kerbside technology must help commuters cross the city not just the road


Whether the daily commute is on foot, by train, car, bus or cycle, or more usually a modal mix, transport planners are looking to optimise ‘front door to desk’ journey time. Keeping people moving by minimising bottlenecks and stop-start traffic ...

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The Buses Bill supports visually impaired passengers. Is it enough?


The issue of bus accessibility has again been brought under the spotlight following the announcement of the Buses Bill (now the Bus Services Act 2017), which seeks to empower local transport authorities with a range of tools to improve bus ...

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Sharing the journey


Yorkshire transport providers collaborate on new passenger information portal. At Trapeze we like to highlight our customers’ successes, so we were delighted when South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) Service Information Manager, Richard Mason, agreed to tell us about the ...

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