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Consultant agrees to urban mobility partnership

atkinsmoovit171005Atkins has teamed up with data and analytics company Moovit to help cities improve their transit systems and become smarter.

 The move is promised to aid the design and delivery of movement strategies and intelligent mobility opportunities across all transport systems.

Services to be offered include urban mobility analytics, transit surveys, Mobility as a Service and a so called ‘transit data studio’ – allowing users to create, edit and manage information about public transit.

Atkins intelligent mobility director Lee Woodcock said: “Through the partnership, we will be able to provide real time, value driven insights that will allow civic leaders, transport agencies and national governments to discover and explore in more depth the mobility and movement of people throughout their public spaces and on transport networks.”

Moovit chief revenue officer Josh Wine added: “We believe the future of urban mobility lies in the quality of data provided to cities and municipalities so they can plan and implement smart, efficient transit systems that meet the demands of ever increasing populations.”
Atkins and Moovit have previously collaborated on several projects including managing crowds at large events in Asia and development of Mobility as a Service concepts in North America.

Moovit also offer an app designed to simplify urban mobility. It combines information from public transit operators and authorities with live information from users to offer travellers the best route for their journey.