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Crowdsourced traffic app to improve Oxford journeys

finlaywaze170330Oxfordshire County Council has formed a partnership with the developers behind free crowdsourced traffic and navigation app Waze in a bid to improve journeys for those travelling around Oxford.

This data sharing link up – the UK’s first Waze ‘Connected Citizen Partnership’ outside of London – will help the council to manage the traffic network more effectively for the benefit of all users.

It will see the council provide traffic data to power the app for use in the city including information on roadworks, accidents and road closures. Meanwhile Waze will supply real time, anonymous incident and slow-down information collected from drivers themselves.

The partnership will provide a “complete and helpful picture of what is happening on the roads at any moment in time”, according to cabinet member for transport David Nimmo Smith

“This sets the scene for working in a different way and looking to different data sources to provide more accurate travel planning data, in turn reducing congestion,” he said.

Explaining the benefits of the app for road users, he added: “If you know a particular route is very busy, or there’s been an accident or roadworks you can decide to use a nearby park and ride and avoid congestion.

“One bus could potentially take up to 75 cars off the roads and Waze could be one way for drivers to see why bus travel could sometimes be a better option for them.”

He added: “The app can also learn about when could be best for you to make your journey to avoid peak times, again avoiding congestion.”

Head of Waze UK Finlay Clark (pictured) commented: “We’re delighted to welcome Oxford into the Connected Citizens Programme, meaning the council can now tap into our unprecedented knowledge base of traffic and real time driver insights to improve congestion in the local area.”