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Government to introduce Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill


Compulsory motor insurance will be extended to cover the use of automated vehicles under measures set out in yesterday’s Queen’s Speech, delivered at the state opening of Parliament.

The Queen revealed plans for a new Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, the purpose of which is to ensure the next wave of self driving technology is invented, designed and operated safely in the UK.

A key element of the Bill is that is will extend compulsory motor vehicle insurance to cover the use of automated vehicles – ensuring that compensation claims continue to be paid in line with existing insurance practice.

Official research indicates that the market for automated vehicles in the UK will be worth £28Bn by 2035. The Government is already investing over £200M in research and testing infrastructure to support the development of this technology.

It claims that the new Bill will “put the UK at the forefront of automated vehicle ownership and use and maintain our position as one of the best places to research and develop modern transport technologies”.

Further details about the Bill are expected to be released at a later date. The legislation also includes measures aimed at encouraging uptake of electric vehicles.

It will allow the Government to require the installation of charge points for electric vehicles at motorway service areas and large fuel retailers, and to require a set of common technical and operational standards.

“This will ensure that charge points are convenient to access and work seamlessly right across the UK,” documents released following the Queen’s speech said.

Photo: mariordo59 / Creative commons