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ITS firm launches new traffic control radar

AGD170921Leading manufacturer of ITS product solutions AGD Systems is launching its next generation ‘AGD 350’ traffic control radar this week at the JCT Symposium & Exhibition at the University of Warwick.

The 350 is a sophisticated multi lane loop replacement radar with stationary detection, which is said to be ideal for use on complex junction approaches.

AGD’s commercial director Ian Hind said: “Developed from enforcement radar technology, the maintenance free 350 is a smart alternative to wear prone loop and magnetometers in multi lane environments where stop line detection is required,”

He added: “It emulates up to 12 inductive loops, detecting approaching traffic at up to 100 metres. The 350 dramatically enhances the effectiveness of high capacity MOVA and SCATS sites.”

AGD – an ITS (UK) member – says that installation is cost effective and non intrusive, as 350s mount on existing poles and can easily integrate with controllers. The 350 features Wi-Fi AGD ‘touch setup’, allowing simple ground level configuration of multiple units to save time and exposure to traffic risk.