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Kapsch TrafficCom expands smart parking presence

kapsch150423Intelligent transport systems provider Kapsch TrafficCom has acquired controlling ownership of Streetline – a California based specialist in smart parking solutions.

Kapsch TrafficCom CEO Georg Kapsch said: “We will integrate Streetline’s cutting-edge smart parking applications and data analytics with Kapsch’s ITS and world class electronic toll collection and traffic management solutions to provide motorists with a better end to end transportation experience.”

Streetline’s applications provide real time parking data and analytics to solve parking issues for cities, university and corporate campuses across Europe and North America.

The company’s ‘Parker’ application is an iPhone and Android application that directs users to the closest available parking spot. Kapsch TrafficCom said this will empower it to engage closer with consumers than ever before for guidance, payment, and other services.

Streetline’s ‘ParkerMap’ on the other hand integrates ITS intelligence into a merchant’s website to display parking locations near a particular place of business, while ‘ParkSight’ analytics allow providers to optimize parking policy and resource utilisation.

“Streetline opens up new customer opportunities for Kapsch and offers smart parking solutions that assist motorists in finding available parking that best suits their needs,” said Streetline president and CEO Manny Krakaris.

By expanding its global presence into the Silicon Valley, Kapsch TrafficCom said its position to develop and deliver new, valued added transportation solutions using known and emerging technologies is enhanced.

Mr Kapsch added: “We will continue to invest in Streetline until it begins to contribute positively to Kapsch TrafficCom earnings, which is projected to occur in about 18 months.”