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New software allows flexible signage control

Swarco170907ITS (UK) member Swarco Traffic has launched a new cloud based management software known as Zephyr which is designed to give local authorities flexible control over their traffic sign assets and strategy.

The system’s web based user interface allows users to quickly edit message and pictogram displays on signs at the touch of a button, as well as being able to upload new text and graphics as required.

Assets controlled by the software could include variable message signs and trailer VMS, car parking signs, vehicle activated signs and school warning signs. Signs can be connected to Zephyr using a variety of communications such as GPRS, 3G, 4G and other wireless networks.

“The system allows users to programme and monitor their signs to ensure traffic is being managed in the most effective way possible, including taking into account ‘special days’ and exempting certain days or times to manage traffic flow” commented Swarco Traffic business development manager Andrew Walker.

“Users can even set ‘mass messages’ to display across a region, which is ideal to alert the public of upcoming events or diversions.”

Key features of the system’s web interface include pan/zoom maps, enabling each of the assets to be easily located and their status monitored. This includes the current messages displayed, schedules for any changes that are due, and red flags for any faults or errors that could impact the signs’ operation.

The interface also comes with a TSRGD (The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016) rule checker, to ensure that any free hand messages comply with the appropriate industry regulations.

Individual password protected staff accounts can be created so that each user can set their own preferences. This also means that security cannot be compromised by allocating the same details to a group of users.