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Opening opportunities with connected thinking


Faced with spiralling city populations, busier transport networks and evolving disruptive technology makes the challenge of matching public expectation with day-to-day performance an increasingly important notion. We’ve helped Britain’s transport links evolve for the last 100 years, and we are determined to play a leading role in using intelligent transport systems to move your world forward. We are an engineering, management and development consultancy, involved in:

  • Solving some of the world’s most urgent social, environmental, and economic challenges
  • Helping governments and businesses, plan, deliver and sustain their strategic goals
  • Responding to humanitarian and natural emergencies
  • Improving people’s lives

10 reasons to think Mott MacDonald:

1. Safety
From principal designers who uphold the highest standards on the most complex projects to robust and resilient software systems, safety is our first concern, always.

2. ITS consultancy
From pre-feasibility to post-implementation evaluation, and everything in between, we use a mixture of innovation and real-life experiences to address challenges in an ever-demanding digitally rich world.

3. Systems
We’ve been a leader in systems development and technology solutions for over 20 years.

4. Engineering design
Our dedicated technology practice is part of a multidisciplinary team, with the all-round skills to deliver engineering projects across the transport sector. We provide advice and design solutions that yield tangible results.

5. End-to-end integration
We use ITS in a way that reconciles the needs of disparate users to create an integrated network that can be managed as a single entity.

6. Security
Having a more sophisticated digital infrastructure model is increasingly critical, and more of a challenge. We develop processes and procedures to ensure the changes to your digital infrastructure and vital information are secure.

7. Sustainability
From our intelligent design, to actively managing incidents on the network to combat congestion, and encouraging the use of public transport, our solutions contribute to reducing energy and emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

8. Future-proofing
Given the ever-changing nature of technology, you need a partner that can navigate the complicated road ahead. We apply our expertise to provide strategy, design and delivery of technology solutions that can adapt to your evolving operational requirements.

9. Procurement
Our business and procurement specialists will work with your team in several areas including policy and strategy development, business case preparation and procurement strategy development.

10. End user focus
We believe that your customers are our ultimate customers, so we work hard to visualise their needs and concerns. By understanding the bigger picture, we are better positioned to create socio-economic solutions that benefit everyone in the communities you touch.

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