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Redflex traffic enforcement technologies approved


Two intelligent traffic enforcement systems developed by road monitoring specialist Redflex have been approved by European metrology (the science of measurement) institutes.

REDFLEXred-radar, an innovative fixed traffic enforcement solution received type approval from the Traffic, Acoustics and Vibration sector at the Federal Institute of Metrology in Switzerland.

This system uses non-intrusive mapping radar technology with high resolution cameras to detect and photograph intersection red light and speed offences across up to six lanes of traffic. The technology eliminates the need for in-road sensors and is capable of tracking the speed and position of 30 vehicles simultaneously, recording two independent speed measurements for every vehicle detected.

The Federal Institute of Metrology’s Walter Fasel said: “The solution to measure the speed of a vehicle with two independent speed sensors gives a very high measuring certainty and that, combined with accurate speed sensors, gives a high measurement accuracy.”

Redflex has also received approval from the Dutch metrology institute NMi Certin for REDFLEXradarcam – a flexible mobile speed enforcement system which uses dual radar detection for accurate speed detection in all weather conditions. It provides a similar service to REDFLEXred-radar but can be deployed anywhere at any time.

Redflex CEO Ricardo Fiusco said: “The REDFLEXradarcam solution is designed to maximise detection rates in difficult locations and real world traffic conditions. Now that it’s been approved by NMi, we are excited to introduce this breakthrough product to the European market.”