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Siemens upgrades traffic management platform


Transport technology provider and ITS (UK) member Siemens has announced major upgrades to the latest hosted application modules for Stratos – the company’s cloud based strategic traffic management solution.

With these latest updates to the ‘Strategy Manager’, ‘Traffic Signals’ and ‘Journey Time’ modules, it is now possible to share data seamlessly and even create strategies that control a neighbouring authority’s equipment.

Siemens’ senior product manager (systems) David Pregon said: “The latest release of the Stratos Strategy Manager module sees the introduction of an enhanced debug capability enabling users to quickly identify strategies that are competing for control of equipment and which one currently has priority.

“New actions have also been added including the ability to send tweets, emails and SMS,” he added.

The release also sees the start of a migration to a HTML5 user interface. Traffic Signals, Journey Time and User Management functions all make this transition, with other modules scheduled over the coming months. In addition the release includes the latest security updates.