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Software boosts emergency response in Tyne Tunnels


Operator of the Tyne Tunnels is reporting significant improvements to its emergency management and response capability after installing new video surveillance software last year.

The tunnels in North East England, which form part of the A19, provide a vital connection between North and South Tyneside and serve 65,000 cars every day, or over 23 million annually.

Their operator TT2 has installed the latest version of software specialist Verint’s ‘Enterprise’ video management software as a key technology in its control centre providing traffic monitoring and emergency management.

This serves as the operator’s centralised management platform for its critical tunnel surveillance infrastructure. Selection of the solution in 2016 was part of a recent refurbishment of the tunnels.

Since implementing the platform Tyne Tunnels and TT2 report that they are experiencing new levels of situational awareness and efficiency, and benefitting from heightened intelligence and awareness within the structures.

They say they are now able to more effectively identify and respond to traffic issues; minimise operational disruptions, such as stopped vehicles; and make faster and more informed decisions in emergency response situations.

“There is a wide variety of incidents that need to be immediately identified to help ensure smooth travel and tunnel operations,” said TT2 equipment engineer James McKenna. He added that, with the new software in place “we are able to streamline our video monitoring efforts to be more effective and efficient with emergency management and response”.

“This supports our focus on providing safe, convenient and reliable roadways to travellers.”

Verint vice president and general manager Alan Stoddard said: “We are pleased to be working with Tyne Tunnels and TT2, and delighted at their success using Verint solutions to help ensure the safety of those that count on its tunnels for transit each day.”