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Solution boosts speed compliance on Scottish port route


ITS (UK) member Clearview Intelligence has delivered a ‘first of its kind’ solution to encourage speed compliance and change driver behaviour on the route to one of Scotland’s main ferry ports.

Speed surveys conducted at 12 locations on the A75 Gretna Green to Stranraer road – the main route to the Carinryan Port servicing Northern Ireland – highlighted a recurring problem with the 85th percentile speed being unacceptably high.

The problem was particularly pronounced among heavy goods vehicles, which are required to comply with a 40MPH speed limit while for cars the limit stands at 60MPH.

Any solution therefore needed to recognise the fact that the road, which is used by more than 1.5 million vehicles a year including over 200,000 HGVs, has different speed limits depending on the vehicle classification.

Clearview, working with the road operator Scotland TranServ, designed a solution to identify instances of speeding depending on the vehicle type and provide an alert to the driver.

The firm installed solar powered vehicle detection count and classify units at six key locations alongside vehicle activated signs facing in each direction of travel. The detection units communicate with the signs to trigger a display showing the appropriate speed limit warning, according to vehicle type.

Road safety manager for Scotland TranServ Vincent Tait said: “Changing driver behaviour by making speed limits clearer for different vehicle types is a less punitive approach than traditional measures, and will encourage drivers to adjust their speed accordingly to ensure the safety of other road users and local communities along the route.

“The final design is replicable and can be deployed in a variety of locations, even in the absence of mains power in remote areas.”