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ITSReviewAnnual2015 35 suspension position, lambda sensor, and exhaust fumes temperature); Node-3 (a GPS receiver); Node-4 (the rear suspension position monitoring and a GSM/GPRS modem). The information between nodes is transmitted via the CAN-bus, which is specifically implemented for this system in order to reduce numbers of connection wires. The data is then transmitted via the GSM/GPRS modem to the mobilephone network. The special dataserver has been designed in order to collect the transmitted data. These data can be extracted from the server and provided in the form of graphs on the computer display for a required period of time for the post-processing data analysis. Another system has been designed for the monitoring of a driver’s ECG. The system can be used to assess the driver performance in different driving conditions (such for example, as – due to the different road traffic conditions or driving in different environmental conditions), the long driving time, or the driver behaviour under different medical conditions. ◆  Preparation of a wireless telemetry system on a racing car  The Graphic User Interface on a computer monitor  The display for car’s parameters from a data-base

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