ITSReviewAnnual2015 7 Welcome to the ITS (UK) Review, I hope that you will enjoy reading the articles and find them thought provoking and informative. It has gone quickly, but sadly my two years as Chairman will come to an end in May. I have really enjoyed the time and in particular the discussions and considerations about ‘what’ ITS (UK) is and what its role should be. The organisation is now in its third decade and this is a good point to take stock and to start to consider the ways ahead to enable ITS (UK) to grow and develop as the industry does. Many international ITS Organisations envy the success of ITS (UK) and in particular our range and variety of interest groups. There are currently 14 interest groups covering areas as diverse as Connected Vehicles, Inclusive Mobility and Maritime ITS and these highlight the strengths of ITS (UK) as an organisation and reflect the change in priorities and technologies in the industry over time. It may not be all too long until we have an ITS in Space Interest Group. These interest groups give ITS professionals the chance to come together and share knowledge and experience in a non-competitive and informative setting. They provide members with the opportunity to hear about new developments and often to be involved in providing advice to Government through contributing to Enquiries and Consultations and most importantly they are free to attend for absolutely everyone within a member organisation, although please do book in advance before arriving enmasse to ensure there are enough chairs! The weekly email update for members includes a calendar of upcoming events or if you would like more information about a specific group please contact the ITS (UK) Secretariat or Interest Group Chair directly. My challenge to you for the upcoming year is to become more involved in the interest groups. Just do one thing you’ve never done before - perhaps go to an interest group meeting you’ve never been to (WITS is a great place to start for that – fascinating and varied contributions and open to all!); volunteer to give a presentation – especially if you’ve never spoken in public before - they are a great environment to gain experience and feedback; take a colleague to an interest group meeting – many things in life are better shared and that includes ITS (UK) too! Eur. Ing. Sharon Kindleysides, Chairman, ITS (UK) It may not be all too long before we have an ITS in Space Interest Group.

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